Fresh, natural rising pizza dough on its own cooking tray.

The Roadrunner Story

In 1988 Roadrunner Home Bake began in a small garage in Gladstone, Oregon. The Fresh-Frozen Dough Take-N-Bake pizzas quickly developed a reputation of having a Pizzeria quality that was far superior to the par-baked (pre-cooked) pizzas that were being sold in the local stores. Today Roadrunner Home Bake provides fresh-frozen dough products to supermarkets, grocery stores, hospitals, schools and fundraising groups. Roadrunner is actively involved in the community and supports sustainability farming efforts.

Why Roadrunner?

Roadrunner is the only manufacturer in the country that offers a complete line of fresh-frozen dough Take-N-Bake pizzas for your stores deli department. This allows stores to offer Pizzeria quality pizzas without ANY employee labor involved in creating the dough or topping the pizzas.

Maximum Quality
Maximum Profit